Anna Dadson

With a background in Landscape Architecture morphed into Organic Horticulture then Permaculture followed by the biological influences of For the Love of Bees, Anna facilitates the lunchtime learning sessions at the Griffith Garden where she shares knowledge and inspires action.

Having been involved with the project from the start and exposed to it’s different approach, Anna is now utilising the For the Love of Bees model in her own design practice and community projects. What this means to her is being able to imagine what’s possible beyond logic and comfort (leaving the scepticism behind, dreaming big and trusting), sharing the vision and inviting people to collaborate. It’s like a recipe for success where inclusiveness and respect play an important part of the process. When you believe in people and share stories with them they are more likely to believe in your vision and want to help you achieve it. Even if they don’t, that’s OK too. It’s all part of it, staying true to yourself and accepting others is the greatest lesson, so far...