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Bees in Parks

During the month of March 2017 For The Love of Bees, Auckland Parks, BeezThingz and various collaborators installed six new hives into Auckland Parks with three hives going into both Victoria Park and Myers Park. These will stay here for the next two years. These hives are being monitored by BeezThingz and four schools from South Auckland as part of a South Auckland Science program using new technology developed by Buzz Tech. The remote sensors monitor hive health by analysing temperature and sounds from within the hive.

Check out the live data coming from the hives here

The hives in Victoria Park are used for the For the Love of Bees Natural Bee Keeping School.

We have also introduced a hive into Highwic, as part of our project together that will see Highwic become the first inner city Organic Park and Biological Bee Sanctuary. The hive is surrounded by a blossoming Pasture Painting that was designed and made by the students at Newmarket School.

The Pasture Paintings around all of our hives are being designed, and maintained by various communities. If you would like to become involved in the Bee School or Pasture Paintings then keep an eye out for future events and opportunities on our FB, Instagram and events.