Jessie & Luke are beekeepers bringing bees to urban Auckland. They rescue bees from exterminators and then re-home them on the rooftops of Auckland city. Bees Up Top manages the hive for the company or the family extracts their honey for them, delivering it in beautifully labeled jars. It’s a great way to  learn about beekeeping, ‘eat locally’ and to pollinate your garden! 

Jessie says it’s such an adrenaline rush that creates such a buzz with the bystanders looking on. Just recently, she had to climb to the top of a Pohutakawa tree to rescue a swarm. One person brought out a ladder for her to use, another a saw to chop the branch and another person brought water because its hot work! It was a BIG swarm and there were bees everywhere! Everyone stayed around until the bees were safely in a new hive and she says it felt like a good deed team effort! She says she hopes it made their Monday a little more interesting!

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