Biking Bee Adventures

The first of our seasonal Biking Bees was facilitated by Julia Cardwell and was held in Spring on the 1st of October, 2016. 

The second of our seasonal Biking Bees will be facilitated by Ella Rose Shnapp and held on the 27th of May.

This Autumn Biking Bee will take place throughout Auckland's many community gardens and city parks, which can be viewed on our interactive map. 

Our Biking Bees invite everyone of all ages to hop on their bikes and join us on a biking adventure where we explore bee friendly spaces around Auckland whilst learning how we can make our city safe for bees.

This Autumn we will explore the designs of the bee friendly spaces  we visit and consider what can be done to make them even friendlier for bees. 

We will discuss the environmental factors and ‘bee facilities’ needed for bees and other pollinators to thrive. If we discover one of these bee friendly spaces is  lacking in a bee facility, we will create it while we are there and leave them even bee friendlier than we found them.

Join us on this biking adventure and learn how to design, create and improve the bee friendliness of Auckland’s gardens whilst discovering what you can do in your own garden to help.