Project Heartbeat



Using BuzzTech technology

The BHAG of this project is to activate a community of bee enthusiasts into bee research.

By providing a standard framework for the collection, labelling and analysis of data sets relating to colony health, this projects aim is to build a library of characteristics for known hive conditions.

This project invites school groups, families, communities and individuals with access to a beehive or a beekeeper to participate by:

1.      Creating an account in the BuzzTech portal

2.      Entering landowner, apiary, and hive information

3.      Collecting visual colony development metrics

4.      Adding a Heartbeat sensor to the hive

5.      Describing the sensor vs inspection data with monthly inspections logs

The labelled data and characteristics recorded in Project Heartbeat will be used in training software based classifier functions and used to monitor all data entering the BuzzTech system.

Empirical data on colony conditions enables BuzzTech to educate, alert and prioritise work for beekeepers around the world.

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