Sarah Smuts-Kennedy

Artist Sarah Smuts-Kennedy is the vision holder and instigator of For the Love of Bees - a City Bee Collaboration. Her art practice includes both a studio based practice and a social sculptural practice.

Her works are held in numerous Private and Public Collections both in New Zealand and Australia. She recently completed the McCahon House Residency in 2016. She will have solo exhibitions both at Artspace Auckland at Te Uru in Titirangi in 2017. She is a passionate advocate for human beings capacities to relearn how to work with nature to restore our degraded environments.

She has spent the last 7 years developing a bio-dynamic permaculture teaching garden at Maunga Kereru ( her home) 45 minutes north of Auckland where she grows 90 percent of the vegetables and 70 percent of the fruit she eats. She is a regular contributor to Harvest magazine, New Zealand’s bio-dynamic magazine.

Sarah is a novice bee keeper and a parent of 3 year old cows Petal and Daisy. Her role in for the love of bees is to support individuals and communities to find ways they can join in and contribute to our city learning and transformation. If you have an idea you want to brain storm she is the person to contact.



Levi Brinsdon-Hall

Levi Brinsdon-Hall is a passionate grower, explorer, teacher, artist and advocate for Nature. He adores growing food, flowers, and plants and he sees immense value in teaching and inspiring young people to connect with the magic and wonder of the natural world. He has studied Fine Art and Geography at the University of Auckland and is well practiced in Permaculture, Organic farming, seed propagation and seed saving.

Levi is interested in growing in a large scale on the land, collaborating with school communities to create pasture paintings and establish organic growing sites in Auckland City. He is also working towards creating an organic seed bank as well as developing open source educational resources for workshops and teaching. He believes Nature is the greatest teacher and that the path forwards is one of collaboration and imagination.

trish allan.jpg

Trish Allen

Trish Allen is a passionate gardener and permaculturist who has believes in working with nature, not against.  Trish and her late husband, Joe Polaischer, co-founded the iconic, award-winning Rainbow Valley Farm in Matakana in the late 1980s.  The farm became an education centre and inspired thousands of people over 25 years in sustainable living and demonstrated the principles of permaculture in action.  Trish has now moved on and established a new eco-home and edible landscape in the village and shares her knowledge by teaching permaculture-related courses, composting and waste minimisation in New Zealand and overseas.  She is involved in her local community garden and Greenswap. She will be leading some weekend workshops for For the Love of Bees called Digging Deeper.

Julian McCurdy

Julian has been a beekeeper for 7 years, and has helped build the largest beehive rental network in NZ.  Through building BeezThingz he has experience training and employing urban beekeepers around the country and has a strong focus on optimizing colony health. He's a passionate beekeeper and a systems oriented computer specialist, so he will be making sure our students are taught the latest beehive management technologies, techniques and methods.

Find out more about BeezThingz here.

Peter Alexander

Peter joined BeezThingz in 2015 as Beekeeper for West Auckland and became CEO of BeezThingz in 2016 to help Julian with the running of the company. Peter has 8 years of Beekeeping experience and a real passion for organic beekeeping and breeding of VSH Queens. Peter is your first point of contact with BeezThingz and all your enquiries. He will find the best Beekeeping solution for you!

Find out more about BeezThingz here.

Anna Dadson.jpg

Anna Dadson

Anna Dadson's love of kai, the natural environment and design has led her to combine permaculture principles with landscape architecture to design and implement edible landscapes. She enjoys foraging, running seed swaps, propogating plants and helping out in community gardens. 

As one of Kai Auckland's passionate members, Anna is helping develop an urban agriculture site in Auckland.

For more information email Anna at 

Find out more about Kai Auckland here.


Alex Guthrie

Alex Guthrie holds a honors degree in Spatial design from AUT. He currently works for Fresh Concept, a creative place-making company, as a creative assisting with production.

Alex also works for Emergent Ecologies Lab, a creative practice lab specializing in ecology, indigineity and urbanism. On top of these roles he co facilitates the Symonds Street Junction Community Garden alongside Julia Cardwell. 

Alex looks for opportunities to activate the City Bee Collaboration through his personal and professional life which often can become blurred due to the overlap of personal passion to collaborate, design, network and create things. 

Alex can be reached at 

OR through collective project, .


Ella Rose Shnapp

Ella Rose Shnapp is a geographer, environmental and social justice advocate, creative and amateur beekeeper. Ella Rose is newly the General Manager of The Gecko Trust, an environmental and social NGO working with communities in Auckland. Gecko Trust’s kaupapa is "people healing nature healing people". She has a BSciHons in Geography and uses this critical thought in her creative and environmental works to explore the relations and effects between space, nature and society.

Ella Rose has a background in project management, people coordination, sustainability, campaigning, events and workshops. In all of these areas she aims to ignite people's empowerment and catalyse ecological regeneration. Ella is a facilitator of the Free Bee School and will be coordinating the Biking Bee as well as holding a “Bee’s in your garden, permaculture thinking” for children during the school break.

Ella has been studying and practicing permaculture and beekeeping is mesmerized and inspired by the collective achievements created by a hive. She aims to use her knowledge to help redesign landscapes in a way that benefits ecology from the garden scale to the city and beyond.

Ella can be contacted at

Find out more about The Gecko Trust here.

Andrea Reid

Andrea Reid

Graduate landscape architect Andrea Reid has been working since 2014 on a way to protect and increase pollinators in Auckland. 

Pollinator Paths identifies the massive loss of habitats for pollinators such as bees, insects, lizards and birds in urban areas due to the reduction in habitats in the built environment and diseases that have ravished bee colonies. 

To check out what Andrea and the Pollinator Paths team are doing and how you can help visit their website

David Cairns

David Cairns has been living in Auckland City for over 20 years. Victoria Park is his front lawn and over the years he has seen the use of the Park increase tremendously. He appreciates the vibrant community developing around the Park.

David tracked the progress of The Park and it's hives since their initial set up and has now been rostered on as a team coordinator for the Victoria Park Bee School. David enjoys taking photos and spending time out in Victoria Park with friends.

Julia Cardwell

Julia is passionate about the importance of working in community to heal ourselves and our connection with the environment. Through studying to gain a BSc in Geography and Environmental Science, Julia found community gardens to be a solution to most of the challenges we face today. Since then, Julia has been working and volunteering at community gardens, including working as the Events Coordinator to engage the community at Kelmarna Gardens, this included organizing the first Kelmarna Spring Festival and numerous working bees. Julia is currently working on creating an Urban Agriculture Social Enterprise with support from a group she is a part of, Kai Auckland. She also makes amazing herbal tea and wild pesto; sometimes goes by the name Julia Oceanchild and is running the marketing campaign for chickweed. #chickweedisthenewkale