Create a biological bee sanctuary

A Biological Bee Sanctuary is a space that isn't only safe for pollinators, but a space where they can thrive. You can make a Biological Bee Sanctuary out of your own backyard, your school grounds, workplace grounds, street corner ... the list goes on. 

a Biological Bee Sanctuary is characterised by two main factors:

  1. Having plenty of diverse flowers year round as food sources (did you know that a single honey bee colony needs around 1 billion flowers each year?)
  2. Having those flowers grown in organic spaces with a method that cultivates soil biology in order to help those plants thrive. Doing so creates natural heightened pest resistance and increased access to minerals and water. This method is called 'biological gardening' and is what we teach at Griffith's Gardens. 

Come back to this page, as we will be adding more information to help you create a Biological Bee Sanctuary. If you can't wait, come along to Lunchtime Learning!