Dignan St Community Garden

We love seeing the delighted expressions when people first come across the The Dignan St Community Garden. It is a secluded sanctuary tucked in between the Point Chevalier bowling, tennis and croquette club that in 2015 it was just a bare grass retired bowling green. Now it is a site of bio diversity producing nutrient rich food from the compost full of microbial and fungal life that we make from local food scraps. We have the capacity to be a local composting hub and have been engaging with local and national government who we hope will soon share our vision.

We are a sub group of Transition Towns Point Chevalier with 30 members and in our weekly gardening groups, workshops and events, we share laughs, skills, food and recipes. Every opportunity is taken to come together in this wonderful haven to replenish the earth while strengthening a vibrant local community, promoting good physical and mental health. 

We are very excited to join hands with For The Love of Bees to collaborate and amplify our passions and capacity. For The Love of Bee’s regenerative parks tools will be used to measure and magnify the regenerative nature of the garden. 

25 Dignan St, Point Chevalier

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DignanStreetCommunityGarden/ 

Contact: Bex 021 129 6579 or Rebecca rebecca@rebeccaswan.com