Ella Rose Shnapp

Ella Rose Shnapp is a geographer, environmental and social justice advocate, creative and amateur beekeeper. Ella Rose is newly the General Manager of The Gecko Trust, an environmental and social NGO working with communities in Auckland. Gecko Trust’s kaupapa is "people healing nature healing people". She has a BSciHons in Geography and uses this critical thought in her creative and environmental works to explore the relations and effects between space, nature and society.

Ella Rose has a background in project management, people coordination, sustainability, campaigning, events and workshops. In all of these areas she aims to ignite people's empowerment and catalyse ecological regeneration. Ella is a facilitator of the Free Bee School and will be coordinating the Biking Bee as well as holding a “Bee’s in your garden, permaculture thinking” for children during the school break.

Ella has been studying and practicing permaculture and beekeeping is mesmerized and inspired by the collective achievements created by a hive. She aims to use her knowledge to help redesign landscapes in a way that benefits ecology from the garden scale to the city and beyond.

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