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Pollinator Pathway Preservation Party

"Hi Pollinator Pals!

Have you noticed the changes to Hakanoa Reserve since October?
A little bee told me that they have a few new residents on the block! 
There will be another Pollinator Party at the Hakanoa Reserve, 36 Sackville St, to help settle them in and keep their home in tip-top shape! ‘We will be meeting Sunday 19th February from 1-4pm. 

Its early stages, but we have already had lots of pollinator visitors, the monarch butterflies are thriving and the bumble bee hive is buzzing! 

We would love your help to keep the garden looking great, we will be watering, mulching, restocking the wall, creating an insect “hydration station”, checking out the new leaf-cutter bees and even making wildflower seed bombs! 

Bring along your gardening gear, some rocks for the wall(any size!), food to share for a shared meal at the end and your friends and family to the Hakanoa Reserve and come and welcome our pollinators, celebrate summer and make a heap of new friends. 

Your Pollinator Pals, Andrea and Chantelle from Pollinator Paths"

Check out the Facebook event here!