The Park

The social sculpture The Park was activated, designed and materialized through public initiative across Auckland, New Zealand from May 3, 2014 to April 4, 2015. The Park's growth was mapped online through a collective line-drawing. The project was initated by the artists Sarah Smuts-Kennedy and Taarati Taiaroa.

The heart of 'The Park' was located in the center of Auckland City in Victoria Park which housed 6 beehives over a hexagonal Pasture Painting. 

Find out more about the history of The Park here.

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Pasture Paintings

Pasture Paintings were a concept created for the social sculpture, The Park. They are geometric plantings that transform passive green space into active bee space by provide food for bees and planting nitrogen fixing plants and using biological systems that generate living soil. They employ shape, time, orientation, planetary rhythms, and color. 

The concept of a Pasture Painting is one of our tools for turning Auckland into a safe city for bees. We will develop these together across Auckland through workshops and community collaborations.

Find out more about the history of Pasture Paintings here.