Here's how it works:

  1. Take a photo of bees (honey bees, native bees, bumble bees or leaf cutter bees) OR take a photo of the flowers you have growing for these bees to feed on

  2. Share a story about bees in the caption - this could be anything, use your imagination. You could tell us why you love them and how you’re showing it!

  3. Add the hashtag #BeecomeTheChangeNZ

  4. Finally, add the hashtag of what prize you would like to win - either #buzztech or #biologix or #kingsplantbarn or #NatureBabyNZ

You can also help spread the Bee Aware Month message by using the hashtag #beeawarenz18

The 10 best posts will go up on our social media. We will ask people to cast their vote through our Instagram account to determine the prize winners at the end of the month.

You don’t have to be a budding National Geographic photographer to win! A sweet caption may win the day!

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The Prizes

Thanks to our amazing collaborators, we have some neat prizes up for grabs

  • A BuzzTech hive sensor, including a lesson on how to use it - a value of $200

  • A Biologix Kit - a retail value of $79

  • A $100 Kings Plant Barn voucher to buy some bee positive plants/products for your garden

  • A $150 Nature Baby voucher to buy organic products which nurture both you, your baby and nature


More info on the BuzzTech sensor for beehives:
Hive Heartbeat Sensors are used to remotely monitor the size and condition of a colony. It collects multiple temperature data points as well as a sample of audio.

By accurately measuring size (number of brood frames), condition (health and vibrancy) and growth trends of colonies over winter and spring, it is possible to reduce seasonal losses below 3% and boost production dramatically.

More info on the Biologix Kit:
The kit has everything in one box to support your plant's health and nutrition in 4 easy to follow steps. There is enough product to cover 50m2 of garden beds, helping to protect your plants from pest and disease as well as feed them. The products are completely natural and made from non-toxic ingredients.
Created by Nature and Designed to Nurture.

We use Biologix products at Griffith's Gardens and in our Pasture Paintings to get microbes into our soil quickly and easily! We find one capful in a bucket of water does wonders.

The latest #BeecomeTheChangeNZ posts

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We're excited about our new collaboration with Kings Plant Barn. We’ve been consulting to them for the last couple of months, helping them to develop a new culture around bee wellbeing. Together we will be creating a mini Regenerative Park at Eden Park! Stay tuned for more on that in our newsletter...

We are absolutely thrilled they are no longer ordering any neonicotinoid pesticides. We hope to see them become the king of facilitating proactive plant care, helping customers to develop natural pest resistance in plants with biological strategies.