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Judy Keats

Compost Collective / Green Sister

Ten years in the field of establishing and coordinating permaculture designed organic community gardens.

In my role as compost facilitator for Compost Collective, I work to encourage behavior change for the benefit of individual households and the environment by educating people on 3 methods of processing their food waste - worm farming, Bokashi and cold composting. ‘Waste’ viewed as ‘resource’, leans towards an understanding of ‘capture’ and ‘nurture’, an enriching outcome for our soil biology, the air we breathe, and our ‘feel good’ attributes.

As Green Sister, I offer sustainable gardening workshops based on Permaculture methodology. I aim to inspire through practical applications of my knowledge and experience. Aligning with the seasons, guidelines for growing and maintaining an edible garden are offered. Soil fertility, natural pest control, winter gardening, ‘grow your own pantry plot’, ‘tree training, pruning & guilds’, seasonal calendars, weed ID, seed saving, and sheet mulching, are all a part of the mix.