Levi Brinsdon-Hall

Levi Brinsdon-Hall is a passionate grower, explorer, teacher, artist and advocate for Nature. He adores growing food, flowers, and plants and he sees immense value in teaching and inspiring young people to connect with the magic and wonder of the natural world. He has studied Fine Art and Geography at the University of Auckland and is well practiced in Permaculture, Organic farming, seed propagation and seed saving.

Levi is interested in growing in a large scale on the land, collaborating with school communities to create pasture paintings and establish organic growing sites in Auckland City. He is also working towards creating an organic seed bank as well as developing open source educational resources for workshops and teaching. He believes Nature is the greatest teacher and that the path forwards is one of collaboration and imagination.


Levi generated the Clay Seed Ball How To tool, which can be found here

You are welcome to email him if you have any questions: