Live Lightly – Noho Māmā

Make a difference today

Want to make some simple lifestyle changes to make a difference to your health, wealth and the planet? Have you heard of the new initiative Live Lightly? A collaboration between community groups, Auckland Council and partners aiming to engage with Aucklanders and provide inspiration and help to reduce their carbon footprint. There is something for everyone to make a difference in our everyday lives to address climate change.

There are so many things Aucklanders can do to live lightly. Council’s Sustainable Initiatives team has done the research to come up with categories of action, based on the highest possible impact, that are practical and doable for people across Auckland, depending on their current lifestyle.

These climate action themes are highlighted on the Live Lightly website:

MOVE: Can you use your car less, or ways to travel more?

EAT: Can you choose food that is local and seasonal while you use all that you have to reduce food waste?

GROW: Can you plant a variety of food and insect/bird loving plants at home and beyond?

ENERGY: Can you check if you use hot water efficiently and insulate your home?

SHOP: Can you buy less and reuse more?

SHARE: Can you talk about climate change issues and practical solutions?

The live lightly website has information and actions available for residents, schools and community groups. There is space to add your story or event and see evidence of Aucklanders making a difference. If Facebook is your thing there is also scope to like, share and learn about new ideas.

Coming soon there will be an app for householders to see and track the impact of changes they make and a community group toolkit with ways to fund activities and events. We are also planning annual campaigns from 2018 to highlight key actions to reduce Auckland’s carbon footprint and will be working with For The Love Of bees to promote and collaborate on projects.

The live lightly social badge is available for use by CCOs, community groups, agencies and businesses, who are promoting the Live Lightly actions below.

Let us know if you have any events or stories we can publicise!