Credit to EcoMatters Environment Trust.  Photographer: Deborah Teh

Credit to EcoMatters Environment Trust.

Photographer: Deborah Teh

Katrina Wolff - biodynamic gardener based in Titirangi, West Auckland.

Katrina is a dedicated student of Anthroposophy. She branched out from growing herbs in her home garden to tending other people's gardens, and offers foodscaping consultations. She is a community composter, which means collecting food and garden waste from neighbours, to turn into home-made compost. 

Her social enterprise "Katrina's Kitchen Garden" is a CLUB Farm (Closed Loop Urban Biodynamics) utilising several properties in her neighbourhood, but also some geographically separated from Titirangi. This business sells food with a commitment to lowering the distance our food travels from garden to plate. Customers are welcome to come and pick their own produce - if they are passing, or live in the vicinity. 

Urban Farm Training is offered as work experience to students from Oaklynn Special School (OakTEC), and there are many other volunteers involved in the work, which aims to develop CLUB Farms in other locations, extending this model internationally.