5000 bees to be introduced to Auckland City parks

Business ratepayers in central Auckland are funding an art project to make the SuperCity an international safe haven for bees.

It's funding the "For the Love of Bees" campaign, which will introduce colonies of 5000 bees to Victoria and Myers Parks for about two years.

The campaign will get people and groups to collaborate to turn Auckland into the world's safest place for bees.

Campaign spokeswoman Sarah Smuts-Kennedy told Larry Williams it will be funded by the targeted rate which central city businesses pay to get more people into the CBD.

She said it's one of several initiatives in place to encourage people to come into the central city during a period of busy construction.

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Campaign To Make Auckland The Bee Capital of The World

The Social Sculpture For the Love of Bees- A City Bee Collaboration is featured today in Stuff.

Artist and Vision Holder of the project Sarah Smuts-Kennedy says the Victoria Park hives will have 150,000 bees in them by Spring. But we will also have hives in Myers Park as well which means we will have 300,000 more bees in City Parks by the end of the year.

Each of these hives needs 140 million flowers to visit to make the honey they will need to have a healthy colony. This is why we have established a biological/organic teaching garden at #GriffithGardens so that everyone can come and learn how to grow the 840 million flowers the Bees in Parks will need.

There are so many ways to get involved in this exciting project over the next two years.

Visit our website https://www.fortheloveofbees.co.nz/ to find out how to play with us.

The bees will be cared for and managed by beez thingz ltd who also run our Free Natural Bee Keeping School in Victoria Park.