o.m.g - organic market garden



The OMG aim is to break the myth that industrialised food production is the only way, through transforming the current Symonds Street Junction Community Garden into an abundant Organic Market Garden (OMG). Inspired by sustainability and wellness, the OMG will be a living example of the role of urban farming in achieving a sustainable and regenerative food system for Auckland. We wish to inspire local residents, businesses and communities in the uptown neighbourhood to learn new concepts and gain practical skills, on how to grow nutrient dense food by using organic and biodynamic principles, in an open access teaching hub.  

Guided by the principles of Kaitiakitanga, the OMG will demonstrate a sustainable social enterprise model by providing a space of inspiration, healing and knowledge exchange in a hub of sustainable living practice.

Read our proposal below. It is still in development and we welcome everyone's input and ideas! Email your thoughts to Kaiauckland@gmail.com SarahSmutsKennedy@gmail.com

I cannot wait to get to see it all literally come to LIFE! This is so badly needed!
I will definitely be working with you guys to combat waste and promote the growing of healthy biodynamic foods.
My cafe is a stones throw away on Grafton road. We go through tonnes and tonnes of fresh produce every year. The quality of what is out there is very questionable.
My staff and I cannot wait to start using your top quality produce and get involved helping out with the garden project going forward
— Mark from Welcome Eatery

The OMG is at 257 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace