Pasture Paintings

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Pasture Paintings are community-designed, geometric plantings which exist to beautify Auckland's landscape, transform passive green space into active green space and make public spaces more productive for bees and wildlife.

In 2017 and 2018 we will be hosting public workshops where people can collaborate and create new Pasture Paintings all over Auckland.

The first Pasture Paintings (April, 2014 to March, 2015) were created for the social sculpture, The Park. They included seven organic, geometric plantings around Auckland that traced the territory of six bee hives situated in the center of Victoria Park. They employ shape, time, orientation (such as North, South, East and West), planetary rhythms, color and biology. 

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The Myers Park Pasture Painting

The Myers Park Pasture Painting was initiated during the Myers Park Medley on Sunday the 26th of February 2017 and was made possible by Kadimah School and Auckland Girls Grammar. The project is currently being led by Levi Brinsdon-Hall and Sarah Smuts-Kennedy. To get involved with this pasture painting feel free to email


Pasture Painting How-To Sheet