Sebastian Kramer

Sebastian is originally from Germany and came to New Zealand for the first time in 2001, working for DOC up in the Russel office in the Bay of Islands. He was involved with pest control and track/hutt maintenance and saw some of the most stunning Northland spots as part of the job before heading back to Germany at the end of his work and holiday visa

In 2007 he came back to New Zealand to study at Victoria in Wellington where he lived ever since, now being a proud Citizen of New Zealand. Through all his time in this country, he has been able to look behind the Green & Clean image that New Zealand portrays to the rest of the world and was astonished to see that huge amount of chemicals being used by DOC, Farmers and Councils.

In 2015/16 he was looking into pesticide-free weed control for his own needs, as he owns a small lifestyle block outside Wellington. To his dismay, at that point in time, there simply were no alternative available, so he started looking for solution overseas.

After a few month of research, he found Weedtechnic’s Technology in Australia, which was founded by Jeremy Winer. He always wanted to get into a “green job” where he could make a difference and feel good about his work. After some discussion with Jeremy over the better part of 6 months, he started Weedtechnics NZ Ltd which is the New Zealand Distribution arm of Weedtechics to bring the technology to New Zealand.

Since then there has been a growing interest in the technology in New Zealand and he is proud and excited to be involved with The Love for Bees.