The Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church

This year, 2017 the Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church (ACPC) celebrated its 125th anniversary. In 1892, the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand decided that the Chinese community in the city were important members of the city and should be served by the Church. Today, the Asian community in the inner-city is large and growing. Over this year, the Love of Bees programme and Griffith Gardens have given ACPC a new chance to contribute to that community and the life and well-being of the inner-city.  We are very grateful for that! We have also established a “bee-friendly” garden in our own Church backyard on Vincent St. In December, to mark our 125th anniversary, we planted mustard plants in “our plot” at the Gardens; Jesus said that from the smallest seed grows the biggest tree. He pointed out that the birds nest and find shelter in the mustard tree.  The hope and prayer of ACPC is that by working together we can make inner-city Auckland will be a place of hope, grace and peace and the Gardens a place of rest