the compost collective

is a key group working towards transforming Auckland into a zero-waste city by 2040. With the support of Auckland City Council, The Compost Collective is helping Aucklanders to reduce their food and garden waste by composting at home. They run many free workshops all over Auckland that help you discover which composting system suits you best and how to use it. Attending one of these workshops will get you a decent discount on your chosen composting system. 

In Auckland, 50% of our household rubbish is organic waste such as food scraps and garden waste. Currently, this means that over 120,000 tonnes of organic waste gets sent into landfill each year where it remains forever. 

The good news is composting is easy to start and provides you with an essential ingredient for gardening, as it replenishes minerals in the soil that are removed with each crop and helps your plants to grow strong. 

The Compost Collective holds workshops at Griffith's Gardens fairly regularly and at Highwic, where we have set up a community compost teaching hub as part of The Highwic Project

See their website for the latest workshops.