The Construct Project

Collaborating with For The Love Of Bees comes a garden project, laying down the foundations for new, organic ecosystems and connections to bloom from. By creating modular garden systems, furniture and other structures, we aim to encourage learning, break down constructs that isolate and exclude and, unite communities with shared resources and ideas.

Everybody in society has something to contribute. The same can be said for this project. All skills, ideas and or knowledge you have, helps construct what this project can and will be come as we continue to create together. We are here to learn from each other. 

In the current climate we live in, be that societal, political, economic or natural, gardens and community have been commoditised, used as purely decorative features, they have lost the ability to function as they we once used before. 

Gardens have the potential ability to restructure how we interact with each other and with in our communities. They mirror human life and communities and like a nectar rich flower, they act as a magnet, drawing people together over the most integral, organic things; food, life and growth. In an increasingly urban environment, we need to keep these hubs growing, so that community does not die out. This is our solution.  

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