Griffith's Gardens

We have had three great years at Griffiths Garden and are now getting ready for a change as this site begins its next journey into becoming a train station. We will be relocating part of our teaching hub to Daldy Street Community Gardens at the end of August 2019.

We will be having a public event for our move on the 10th of August. Look at our facebook events page for updates on our plan for this.

The Griffiths Gardens is located at 42 Wellesley Street West in the heart of Auckland’s central business district. 

The garden functions as a Biology-First Teaching Hub, a place where everyone can learn how to turn Auckland into the safest city in the world for bees. 

The garden is currently set up with planter boxes that are utilised during workshops, a tool shed to hold all equipment, a plant nursery and an organic seed saving bank - which is kept in the information hub just next to the gardens, Pā Rongorongo.

We invite the public to propose classes or events that make use of the site and the infrastructure that will help us create an enduring legacy for our city.

Scroll down further to see where to come off Queen Street to find the Gardens.


Golden Hour Growing

In 2018

This happened every Thursday from 5-7pm, taught by Levi Brinsdon-Hall & Allen Gorthy.

Clock out from work and dig straight into the garden! What better way to finish your day than by getting amongst some greenery and learning about the magic of nature from someone so passionate. Swap 5 o' clock traffic for 5 o' clock organics!

Lunchtime Learning

We are now doing lunchtime/daytime sessions when booked - simply gather 4 friends or more and fill in the form below. We welcome requests. And yes, it’s free!

You could request topics such as seed saving, seed sowing, foliar feeding plants, composting, how to work with microorganisms…

Check out our digital learning material - right here

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