Local Berm Heroes


Love Your Spray-Free Berm


“We don’t have to wait for hand-back; we can actually start doing that - (reducing the amount of spray used in our road corridor through community initiatives) - right now.”
Councillor Penny Hulse, Chair of the Environment Committee 2018

This month we’re celebrating our Local Berm Heroes, see below for how you can become one too.

Our Film For the Future on August 16 has Andrea Reid, vision-holder of Pollinator Paths, talking about how to create a Council-approved pollinator-friendly berm and For the Love of Bees will be speaking about how to make and take care of it with biology-first Climate-Change-Ready methodologies. Hana Blackmore from the Weed Management Advisory will be giving the history of glyphosate use in Auckland, highlighting campaign wins in the 90s, and the recent Human Rights campaign to remove toxic chemicals from children’s lives.

Sign up for your berm to be spray-free here, or on the night where you can take home our how-to tool kits.

Our vision is to have as many berms full of life as possible which enable carbon sequestration, water retention, air filtration, food security, social cohesion, biodiversity havens and spaces of optimism where people can see themselves making a difference.

What would your vision be?

If you are already a berm hero, take a picture of your berm and tag us along with #bermhero on Instagram so we can all share the many wonderful berms in Auckland.

A huge thanks to Kate Van Der Drift for the photography work & Philip Kelly the design work. We look forward to seeing them around the streets of Auckland thanks to Phantom Billstickers.


The History of Glyphosate

View the full 52 page report from the Weed Management Advisory here