Pollinator Profiles

Here’s to the pollinators... 

Who keep our diets varied and delicious by facilitating most of our mineral, vitamin, and antioxidant intake

Who ensure the reproduction of many plant species around us that provide for other wildlife, and which beautify our neighbourhoods and lift our spirits

And to those pollinators who who dazzle us with their incredible looks, methods and abilities

It would be incredibly hard replicating all the work they do! We would be hard pressed to match their efficiency, seeing as many pollinators have probably evolved with the plants they pollinate over tens of millions of years, meaning they are completely in tune with one another. Many have become co-dependent on each other to produce cross-pollinated healthy seeds. Pollinators keep our world humming, so the least we can do is get to know them a little.

Click the gallery below to learn about New Zealand's pollinators. We are building this resource with links to others information - please get in touch if you have something to add so we can learn together.

Image credit from the left: Aaron Mclean, Ngaire Hart, Walter Dendl, Gabrielle Message